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Magic Network was incorporated in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1996 by a group of programmers and system engineers committed to supporting software developments spinning off the University of Geneva with a view to supporting humanitarian and development activities worldwide.

Most projects developed by Magic Network are primarily implemented in collaboration with universities, health centers, not-for-profit organizations as well as with private corporations (Alcatel, Amdahl, GE Healthcare and IBM to cite a few) in the context of educational, telemedicine and humanitarian projects.

A number of corporations currently implement services or products relying on applications developed by Magic Network. On a case-by-case basis, Magic network provides software-consulting services and offers commercial software licenses.

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Mainframe Emulator - TN 3270 (“HOTSIBIL”)

Magic Network first software engineering project resulted in the creation of the TN3270 Java Emulator & Libraries package for IBM mainframes.

The mainframe emulator and the libraries developed by Magic Network were used to make the largest bibliographic database in Switzerland (SIBIL) available on the Internet via a mouse navigation and intuitive graphical interface (including features such as memorization of previous searches and explored paths) thereby brining twenty years old legacy text-based mainframe applications directly into Netscape Web browsers. This was a world premiere.

This first application of the TN3270 packages (codenamed was awarded by the SUN Microsystems 1995 JAVA Contest. Thousands of mainframe legacy systems (in banks, airlines, etc.) continue remain accessible to Internet users through this technology.

The TN3270 Libraries were subsequently licensed both to universities and corporations across the world under both open-source BSD and commercial licenses.

How To Use

1. Choose a search type:


2. Enter the keyword:


3. Click the arrow at the left of an entry to select it:


4. Click on arrows in the upper window to roll up to any level:


5. Clicking on top-level buttons (Search by Authors, for instance) gives you access to your previous searches:


6. Paths already explored are shown in orange:


7. Easy enough?

Hooked: ranking and assigning scores to social network-based search queries based on the degree of proximity with the query originator

At the occasion of Google first Android Developer Contest in 2008, Magic Network developed “Hooked” - a smartphone application leveraging social networks platforms to rank search queries and assign scores to such searches based on the degree of proximity (or social affinity) between connected users (such as on Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, TripAdvisor, among others).

In real time Hooked could determine the degree of proximity (or social affinity) between the originator of a query and other connected users (e.g. 1st or 2nd degree friends) and, in relation to that specific query, it assigns scores for display on smartphone screens. Hooked could also take into account other ranking factors, such as past interactions and geo-proximity.

The Hooked application submitted for the Google Android contest was for a cab ordering service combining user data location and peer profiles with a query for transportation (by cab or car sharing).

Magic Network was granted US patent US20090259657 for its Hooked development.

Hooked: screen shots & search query diagram

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